New Wine

The purpose of New Wine Women's Ministry is to encourage women of all ages to embrace a life of prayer, fasting, God's will and their ministry within the kingdom.

My goal and vision is to see women step into their role as a committed woman of God and a kingdom citizen. We will encourage women to live victorious lives and to be a blessing to other women who are in their lives.

The vision is also to maintain a gathering of women who are God-fearing, loving and unified in the work of the Kingdom. We are to be of an excellent spirit, ready, willing and able by the power of God to pray and intercede for our homes, church, children and families. Our mission is display respect to one another, because we are all about Relationships, Restoration and being Responsible women of God.

My goal is to impart spiritual truths and to help push women to their purpose in life. To help encourage women to be a "world changer", embrace God and embrace their destiny.

We are committed to intercessory prayer, praise and worship. We are also committed to watch and pray for our Pastor, Co-Pastor, NLWC family, Ministers, Evangelists, and Officers. We are women walking in Unity!

Lady Ruthie L. McClure